By augmenting your convective dryer with an IRD, you can increase capacity by up to 50% and at the same time significantly improve the quality of your final product.

The investment costs of an IRD are relatively inexpensive.


With an end-drying of approximately 35% residual moisture, this technique proves the most effective.

Residual moisture.

The final product can be dried to less than 1% in minutes instead of hours.

From the inside to the outside.

In contrast to conventional procedures, energy goes directly into the core and interior of the product. The infrared light thereby drives the remaining moisture from the inside toward the outside of the product.


The reverse-working principle of using infrared light improves the quality of the final product. For some products, flavors can be released during the drying process.

FoodSafety-IRD for drying of foodstuff

Energy efficiency.

The reverse-working principle of infrared light (the energy penetrates to the core of the product) also provides an efficient use of energy and offers clear advantages over other methods.

Very homogeneous processing.

The continuous rotation of the FS-IRD and the resultant mixing of the product ensures a very homogeneous drying process. A formation of nests is thus avoided.

Drying time.

Drying time is extremely reduced.

Sterilization and stock protection.

If the FS-IRD is used in a combined drying for a quick and gentle end-drying, the products will also be automatically both germ-reduced and stock-protected.


The FS-IRD can be used as a booster before a conventional dryer. The material can be brought to a high temperature within minutes. The process can thereby use the heat of the product.


Application (example)

  • Dried cornflowers and rose flowers
    look brighter and more colorful.
  • Dried red pepper flakes
    are distinctly fresher and more intensely red after the treatment.
  • Chili Peppers
    visually appear to have been polished.
  • Products that respond negatively to heat,
    like leek flakes or onions, are hardly or not at all affected.
  • With other products, such as dried mushrooms or white pepper,
    the treatment is not visible.