Sterilization & Pasteurization

Sterilization & Pasteurization

Food safety with the FoodSafety-IRD.

Food safety has assumed a prominent role in the recent years. Whether you are a producer, processor or trader, no one can any longer afford to bring unsafe food onto the market or to exceed admissible limit values. More and more producers have therefore opted to use the continuous FoodSafety-IRD.

Product shapes & sizes.

Food in bulk form such as nuts, seeds, spices, tea, herbs, leaves, dried vegetables, grain, cereals, dried mushrooms and cut, chopped and powered food can be treated by means of infrared light in such a way that the microbiological load is drastically reduced.

Advantages for your products

Validated system.

Validated 5-log reduction. Destruction of pathogens, such as salmonella. Safe reduction of TPC, yeast, mold, E. coli, coliform,… The reliable kill step has been verified in more than 8,000 individual analyses, which have been carried out by accredited labs.

Protection of organoleptic properties.

Color, taste, volatile oils, odor as well as valuable substances and vitamins are protected.

All-natural process. Applicable to organic foodstuff.

No gases, chemicals or additives used.

No dead spots.

Products are continuously mixed. Every particle receives the same treatment in duration and temperature.

Processing within minutes.

Fast heating of the product ensures short dwell-time.

No steam.

No condensate forms on the product, which could damage its sensory properties.

Stock protection.

During the sterilization and pasteurization process, the destruction of insects, larvae and eggs is ensured.

FoodSafety-IRD for sterilization/pasteurization of foodstuff


Application (example)

  • Dried cornflowers and rose flowers
    look brighter and more colorful.
  • Dried red pepper flakes
    are distinctly fresher and more intensely red after the treatment.
  • Chili Peppers
    visually appear to have been polished.
  • Products that respond negatively to heat,
    like leek flakes or onions, are hardly or not at all affected.
  • With other products, such as dried mushrooms or white pepper,
    the treatment is not visible.