Trial center

Trial center

In our trial center in Senden, Germany, together with you, we can perform continuous or discontinuous experiments in the plastics, food and chemical industries. We can demonstrate all our services here – drying, crystallizing, sterilizing, roasting, coating, storage, mixing, conveying, dosing. We can also demonstrate performance by subcontracting for smaller batches.

Experienced personnel supervise demanding tests and applications. Our equipment is furnished with comprehensive automation and measurement technologies.

In accordance with your material and production requirements, we can map out a plan with you.

Your employees are cordially invited to participate in our joint trails. Thus you have both the possibility to contribute actively and the opportunity to actually see our products in operation.

Sample trial objectives:

  • Drying and crystallization of material to determine residual moisture, residence time, energy input and material properties.

  • Sterilization of foodstuffs on a single trial day. The treated material can then be examined in a laboratory.

  • Roasting of various food products and setting the optimum roasting level.

  • Continuous processing of larger quantities, to validate the first discontinuous tests and to adapt to later production conditions.

Trial center Senden in NRW