The handling of bulk solids is at the heart of our thoughts and actions.

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KREYENBORG has been manufacturing machines for mixing and conveying for over 60 years. We are specialized in innovative solutions for storing, drying, metering and mixing of demanding bulk solids in the plastic, food and chemical industries with only one goal: the intelligent combination of these process steps to ensure the efficient supply of materials in your production plants.

Our specialists work on optimal solutions for the requirements of our customers every day. The intensive dialogue with customers and business partners is an important pillar of our work often resulting in product improvements and new developments. Internally, we cope with every day challenges with intensive upgrade training courses.

One result of our research is related to the infrared technology. This innovative process for the thermal treatment of bulk materials combines heating, drying and crystallization of polymers or drying and decontamination of food in minutes instead of hours, a significant progress in efficiency and quality compared to conventional systems.