Stock protection

Grain beetles.

The granary weevil attacks grains, including wheat, rye, oats, barley, maize (corn), millet, rice, pasta, buckwheat, flour, bran, grist, almonds, peanuts, peas, beans, soy.

weat & oats

Grinding products.

It doesn’t grow in ground products.


From egg to pupa the granary weevil evolves in the cereal grain that it consumes almost completely. After about 5 weeks at 25°C, the young beetles hatch. Mating takes place within a few days. The females lay an egg per day for about 200 days. Development from egg to beetle takes 29 to 34 days at 27°C. Lifespan: 6 months at 29°C and 75% relative humidity; 2.5 years at approximately 10°C. Cold stasis occurs at 5°C, heat rigidity at 38.4°C. Death from freezing occurs below -10°C; death from excess heat occurs above 40°C.

Grain moisture.

The beetle does not propogate in wheat with a grain moisture less than 9%.

(* aus: Reichmuth, Ch. (1997) Vorratsschädlinge im Getreide, Mann Verlag Reichmuth, 23. Februar 2011)


Alternative storage protection – also for the organic sector!


Secure destruction of insects, larvae and spawners.


No damage of the final product. The proteins of the product will be protected.

Short-term immediate warming of grains inside out through IRD-proceedings – because:

weat & oats
  • Starch gelatinisation of wheat (wet): from approx. 56 °C;
  • Starch gelatinisation of wheat (dry, aw-value 0,6): from 85 °C;
  • Heat death of the insect pests above 45 °C


Highly effective disinfestation in less than 1 min, and 70-75 °C, and this without damaging proteins.



FoodSafety-IRD - Storage protection

Sterilization + setting residual moisture + storage protection.

During the germ reduction of an already dried product the residual moisture can be set to a fixed value in the same operation step, regardless of whether this moisture must be brought in or dried out. At the same time, the product is safely stored treated.

If the FS-IRD is used in a combined drying for a quick and gentle final drying, then the goods will also be germ reduced and 100% stock protected.