Roasting of nuts and seeds without burning gas!

Principle of the infrared roasting system.

The innovative roasting process with infrared technology is more effective than conventional treatment methods because the heat is applied directly to the product and temperature control is possible. The patented roaster FS-IRD controls the intensity of the infrared light, the process and product temperature in four self-regulating roasting zones. This prevents overheating of the treated product, allows the aroma to develop slowly and produces a homogeneous roasting result.

The product is continuously mixed in the process at low speed. Even sensitive nuts, such as cashews, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, sliced almonds or macadamia are treated successfully and very gently in this way. In addition, roasting time and energy requirements are significantly reduced. There is no need of preheating of the system.

Never roast with natural gas again. Go electric!

The megatrend of gradually phasing out the use of fossil fuels is currently more topical than ever.

Developments in the global gas market are accelerating this need to move away from outdated technologies and toward ending gas combustion.

Unlike conventional roasting processes, which are often based on the combustion of gas, the Kreyenborg roasting plant uses 100% electric power, which in turn can be obtained from renewable energy sources. In this way, customers can drastically reduce and even avoid CO2 emissions.

Advantages of our roasting plant for your products

Perfect roasting.

The permanent mixing of the roasting material produces an absolutely uniform roasting pattern of nuts, seeds, etc.

Four individually adjustable roasting zones ensure the perfect roasting result. A control mechanism ensures that the required product temperature is reached exactly to the degree and is not exceeded. The Maillard reaction, for example, can thus be perfectly controlled.

The active principle of infrared light makes the energy available immediately. There is no need to preheat the system. You can start your production at the push of a button. There are no inconsistent roasting results, such as those that occur in conventional processes due to the time-consuming start-up process.

Gentle movement.

The product is mixed and conveyed gently, continuously and at low speed. Even easily fragile products such as cashews, peanuts, walnuts, and almond slivers are handled without damage.

Different roasting levels.

Different roasting levels and associated flavor and color variations can be achieved simply by adjusting the temperature and dwell/roasting time.

Reduced acrylamide levels.

Thanks to the active principle of infrared light, the product is roasted more gently and evenly.

Prolonged shelf-life.

The ingredients, such as vitamins, fatty acid chains and antioxidants, are protected. This extends the shelf life of the product.

Complete roasting plants.

With us you can get complete roasting plants incl. dosing, coating, conveying, cooling, integration of optical sorters, big bag stations, silos, mixers, ….

Not only roasting.

With the FS-IRD you can do more than just roasting. The same equipment can also be used for pasteurizing, coating, drying and killing insects.

No burning of gas. Only electrical energy.


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FoodSafety-IRD roasting hazel nuts