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On the occasion of the ProFood Tech in Chicago, USA, KREYENBORG Plant Technology GmbH, Germany, will be presenting for the very first time a successful way to treat bulk foods such as tea, spices, dried herbs or vegetables, nuts, kernels and seeds with infrared light so that germs are drastically reduced and numerous harmful substances dissolved and volatized.

Increasing Output and Improving Quality in PET extrusion by combining highly efficient degassing extruders and flexible, efficient drying systems such as the KREYENBORG IRD Infrared Rotary Drum, to be able to utilize the full potential of such an extrusion line and to ensure the quality of the final product reliably. At the same time, increases in performance and efficiency are achievable, which will prove economic efficiency of such a retrofitting investment within a few months only.

SENDEN, GERMANY, August 01, 2016: Techfine, an engineering company with expertise in systems for film and sheet extrusion, pipes, compounding and profile extrusion has become the agent in Brazil for Kreyenborg GmbH Co. KG. Techfine will provide sales and support services.

On the occasion of the K2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, KREYENBORG Plant Technology GmbH, based in Senden, in northwestern Germany’s Münsterland region, will be presenting information regarding their wide assortment of efficient bulk material handling in the plastic-, food- and chemical industries. Particular focus this year will be on the range of topics regarding drying and crystallizing, as well as comprehensive solutions for bulk-material handling processes.

Germ reduction food

OVER the past three years, KREYENBORG, in partnership with PS Perfect Solution, has developed a technology for germ reduction, drying, protective treatment of stocks, and roasting and toasting of foodstuffs. The two companies have combined competencies from 60 years of machine manufacturing and 30 years of food processing technology to develop the FoodSafety-IRD.