ROTTERDAM, 15th of November 2016. VEKAMAF, a leading industrial sales & service organization in Eastern Europe, has partnered up with KREYENBORG to make their innovative continuous FoodSafety-IRD (infrared technologies) available to the Polish food producing industries. “We are impressed with the simple and robust concept that Kreyenborg has developed”, said Jorrit Aafjes, director of the VEKAMAF organization. “Drying through infrared light has the obvious benefit that the outside skin or membrane of the food product is kept intact. Germ reduction (up to > 6-log), stock protection, decontamination, roasting and toasting are other exciting applications. Kreyenborg has really blown us away with their ability to control the process. Their technology promises to bring substantial savings to our customers, reducing both capital and operational costs compared to current processes.”

About the KREYENBORG infrared drying technology.

The KREYENBORG FS-IRD system is a procedure based on infrared light. The light heats the core of the product instantaneously, and leads to a reduction of the germ load. The impressive performance of the system could be verified in over 5,000 individual analyses, which were carried out by independent accredited laboratories. Essential components of the FoodSafety-IRD are the radiator module and the horizontal rotary drum, in which a spiral screw is welded. Material feeding is done continuously by a volumetric metering unit. The material is then conveyed through the spiral, with variable turning speed, evenly through the machine where it is treated with infrared light. The light heats the particles of food from the inside out. If necessary, water can be added to the food during treatment. At the end of the rotating drum the material falls into the output hopper and can be transferred directly to the next processing step.


KREYENBORG is a leading provider of solutions in the field of bulk material handling. More than 60 years ago, KREYENBORG developed the first solutions for the food industry. Nowadays, KREYENBORG puts strong emphasis on food safety. KREYENBORG reduces germs, decontaminate, dry, disinsectize, open aromas, roast and toast. KREYENBORG offers turn-key solutions where they integrate our problemsolving expertise in mixing, conveying and dosing – the core of their business – with their food safety solutions.

About the VEKAMAF.

Founded in 1959 and headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, VEKAMAF currently services customers in Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Hungary. Customers include the world’s leading multinational corporations as well as local industry stars in various industries. For food processing industries VEKAMAF has extensive experience with the production of spices, herbs, sauces, gelatin, starch & food additives. But VEKAMAF also helps customers improve the production of sweets, coffee & chocolates and helps producers in the beverage industry optimize their packaging & logistics.

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