Volumetric metering system. VDOS type.

Volumetric metering system. VDOS type.


Volumetric dosing of the VDOS series are perfectly suited for dosing of bulk materials with good- to moderate flowability.

Function. The metering screw essentially consists of a screw-trough with a large feeding area to ensure a continuous feeding level for the screw.

Storage container. The modular storage container can be adapted from 75 to 150/300/450 and has a lid with inlet and vent opening.

Drive. An AC motor drives the screw.

Metering capacity. The metering capacity in combination with an FU control is in the range of 30 to 5000 l/h.

Options. Replacement screws and tubes.
Longer/extended screws.
Bag hoppers.
Trough mixer for homogenization.
Bridge breaker in storage containers.
Bellows to seal the inlet and outlet.
Quick release valves located at the outlet.