Extruder feeding system. Special feed hopper.

Extruder feeding system. Special feed hopper.


For the direct refeeding of edge-trims or production waste into the production extruder, a special feed hopper is required. In most cases the recycling material (film flakes, ground stock) and free flowing granulate (virgin material) can be mixed.

Direct refeeding. No additional thermal stress of the material is caused, absent intermediate granulation, by direct refeeding.

Filling. At the end of the film line, the edge trims are ground and fed into the special feed hopper. Simultaneously, granulate can be conveyed into the same hopper over a second inlet pipe.

Mixing. Regrinds of edge trims/production waste and granules can be mixed by means of a screw.

Feed-extruder. An adjustable feeding screw ensures constant feeding of the extruder.

Throughput. 100 – 1.000 kg/h.