Turn-key solutions for plastic

Turn-key solutions for plastic

By combining more than 50 years experience in bulk material handling and in the plastic industry with our wide range of products, we develop first-class solutions, together with our customers . Our strengths lie in the fields of storing, mixing, conveying, dosing, drying and crystallizing solids.
Our services include the planning, design and development of complete, fully automated facilities and subsystems for plants in the field of bulk handling.
Here are some examples of projects already realized. You can find out about other projects in our information area.


Project: Increase the throughput in a system with multi-screw extruder.
Product: PET-bottle flakes.
Conditioning components: Infrared dryer IRD, MBM Mixer, isolated drying hopper, pneumatic conveying system, system control.

Objectives of this project were to increase plant throughput, achieve a more stable extrusion process and to improve the quality of the final product.

The PET bottle flakes are fed from the big-bag emptying station by two successive pneumatic conveying systems: the first system going to the mixer where they are homogenized. After the mixing process, the second system sends the PET bottle flakes to the IRD and in 12-15 min they are crystallized and dried. After the IRD, the dried material, with a drying temperature of 175 °C, will be transported to an isolated drying hopper by a screw, where moisture is reduced using only energy-efficient residual heat of the product. After a certain retention time, the product is sent via conveying system to a multi-screw extruder.

The entire crystallization/drying process of PET bottle flakes, including the material handling, were planned, developed, automated, delivered, assembled and put into operation by KREYENBORG.

By investing in the KREYENBORG solution, plant throughput was increased by 35% while at the same time a significantly more stable extrusion process was possible due to the homogeneous, low residual moisture content of the material.
In addition, by pre-mixing Big-Bags, different qualities of flake can be conveyed. Overall, the product quality is significantly increased while minimizing production interruptions.


Project: Storage and discharge of PA 6.6 fibers.
Product: PA 6.6.

The aim of the project was the storage and the continuous output of PA 6.6 fibers.

The PA 6.6 fibers were stored in a Silo and needed to be continuously discharged from it by means of a discharge screw/, The material is discharged from the Silos and then sent to a shredder by means of an inclined screw conveyor.

We used KREYENBORG custom Silos of variable sizes from 6 m³ to 20 m³ and various conveyor units, and the entire process was automated.

The special feature of the project was the layout according to ATEX (zone 20 inside and zone 22 outside) and the particular properties of the fibers during discharge.


Project: Coating of hotmelt.
Product: Hotmelt.

The aim of the project was the coating of Hotmelt pellets to avoid them sticking to each other, as they tend to do..

To avoid that in this case, specially developed powders were used. Here, the application of the powder must be precisely dosed to prevent excessive- or insufficient powdering. The Hotmelt pellets were heated in the IRD, to be dusted in later phases.

For this project, KREYENBORG delivered several dosers, the IRD, the powder-coating line and complete controlling system, including visualization.


Project: Homogenization of PP regrind to avoid quality fluctuations.
Product: PP regrind.

PP regrind is discharged from Big-Bags via a KREYENBORG Big Bag Discharge Station and then fed into a mixer, specially designed for grist. The PP regrind is mixed and homogenized. PP regrind is then loaded into Big-Bags through a discharge screw using a platform scale Big-Bag Filling Station. In addition to various components, the entire controlling system was delivered, including visualization.


Project: Storing, mixing and discharging of PVC waste.
Product: PVC waste.

In this project it was necessary to achieve the handling of various forms of PVC waste in a single plant.

Various PVC waste from different processes were stored and discharged in silos with agitators, specially developed to spec.. After the silos and mixers, the PVC waste is fed to an extruder through various trough and tubular screws. Throughputs are regulated by belt scales. The entire plant was supplied with control and visualization.

A particularity of this project lay in the diversity of input materials, as well as the requirement of the customer to drive different mixtures from the silos. Different mixes can be specifically moved out of the silo through the recipe management module stored in the control.


Project: Crystallization, pre-drying, and material handling after granulation.
Product: PET bottle regrind.

The aim of the project was the crystallization and pre-drying of PET-regrind before the extruder phase and material handling after granulation .

The washed PET bottle regrind is delivered in Big-Bags and is moved to an available crystallizer via discharge station and suction conveyor. Here, the PET regrind is crystallized and pre-dried, to feed the extruder in the next step by suction conveyor and gravimetric feeding.
After the extrusion process, the PET granules are homogenized in a mixer and conveyed for bagging. The entire project was planned and implemented by KREYENBORG: Big Bag stations, conveyors, dosers, crystallizers and mixers were delivered and put into operation. Control, including visualization, was provided as well.


Project: Mixing, storing and conveying from granules and regrind.
Product: PE and PP granules and regrind.

The aim of the project was to mix different granules and regrinds homogeneously, then to store it, and lastly to implement transport to the loading point.

The different PE and PP granules and regrinds had to be mixed in homogenous batches in this project, achieved with a specially designed KREYENBORG USM.
Besides the in-house-feeding of the material, an additional big-bag filling station was implemented to further increase flexibility of the plant. Optionally, materials could be conveyed back and forth between the various mixers. Storage of the material and subsequent truck loading was also implemented.

The entire project was planned and implemented by KREYENBORG. Big Bag stations, conveyors , dosages, crystallizer and mixer were delivered and put into operation.
Machine control including visualization was also provided.


Project: Fully automatic mixing line for plastic recycling.
Product: Electronic casings from the electronics industry.

In this project, a fully automatic mixing line for the plastic recycling of electronic cases was supplied. The special challenge of this project lay in storage, homogenization and mixing of difficultly-flowing bulk materials of varying quality, origin and commodity.

A flexible solution was also required after the extrusion process to deal with product batches and the requirements of homogeneity, quantity and transport containers.

After the separation plant, the various regrinds are carried to several storage containers by means of pressure-transport. From these containers, the product is conveyed to various mixers and homogenized. The mixed product is transported via vacuum conveyance into a batch blender and mixed again.. The mixed compound is temporarily stored in a mixer and constantly mixed. By means of a conveying screw it is fed into the extruder. After the extrusion process, the finished compound is carried to the mixer by pressure transport, before it is bagged through a feeding screw to a big-bag filling station.

The fully-automated mixing line was planned and implemented by KREYENBORG. The following components were part of scope of delivery:

Processing, grinding , washing, separation:

  • Pressure conveying.
  • Stock Silos for different products.
  • Pressure conveying.
  • Big-Bag emptying in conveyor screws.
  • Mixer USM.
  • Vacuum conveying.
  • Gravimetric batch mixer.
  • Vacuum conveying.
  • Mixer USM.

Compounding + Granulation:

  • Vacuum conveying.
  • Mixer USM.
  • Conveyor screw.
  • Big-Bag filling station.

Automation BSG ONE operates:

  • Control with Touchscreen.
  • Visualization.
  • Recipe management.
  • Status of the plant.
  • Data storage.
  • Dosing interfaces.