The stable and easy-to-operate SFM mixer is specially designed for light and sensitive solids, developed and used for products that need to be quickly and thoroughly, but gently mixed. It makes for optimal homogenization of products. The SFM also allows for quick and easy cleaning.

Application. Precise, gentle and holistic blending of bulk materials which must be continuously and thoroughly mixed, or which tend to bridge.

Products. For example: film flakes, powders, granules, master batch, compounds, agglomerates, flakes, cut / ground freight.

Form. The SFM consists essentially of a cylindrical container with a cone and a spiral, close-clearance mixing screw.
Mixing screw spiraling and close-clearance mixing screw.

Function. The product is mixed homogeneously and permanently by the spiral and close-clearance mixing screw. No dead zones in the container.

Feeding. The mixer can be filled in various ways, for example, from above via a nozzle or through a side hopper.

Maintenance. The mixer is entirely accessible through a large cover flap and manholes in the cylinder and the cone. Since there are no dead areas, the machine can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned, then used with other products.

Emptying. Emptying can be adjusted for various aggregates, and to individual units.

Cylinder Ø. 600 mm to 2.850 mm.

Height with direct drive. 1.800 mm to 10.100 mm.

Volume. Volumes from 1 m³ to 40 m³.

Operation. Mixer is easy to service and maintain.

Start. Mixer starts working even when filled. Interval-like flow possible.

Quiet operation. Runs almost noiselessly.

No Dust. No dust formation around mixer during mixing operation.

Demixing. No demixing, even with long running times.

Emptying. Material can be diverted into a cone chute.

Cleaning. Can be accessed for cleaning through the large cover flap, as well as through manholes in cylinder and cone.

Storage. Specially designed bearings with optimal seals.

Stable. A solidly constructed mixer. “Made in Germany”.

Economical. Short mixing times and low energy consumption.



Construction. All mixers are available in standard- or stainless steel. Design available in wear-resistant special steel.

Paint/Coatings. Different and resistant coatings are available, which are also suitable for permanent outdoor installations.


Optional accessories. General.

Manholes. Manhole-access for better maintenance.

Cleaning flaps. Allow easy access for cleaning.

Level indicators. For monitoring levels.

Inspection glasses. For visual examination of the product.

Guard rail on top. Guard rail on top facilitates inspections of Universal Quick Mixer.

Vertical ladder. Vertical ladder for safe, visual monitoring of universal high-speed mixer.

Butterfly valve. Manually-operated or pneumatic butterfly valves and slide valves for inflow and outflow.

Control system. Complete wiring and electrical control system with fully-automatic mixing operation.

Weighing. Scale for weighing the complete mixer.


Optional accessories. Feeding.

Conveyors. Suction-conveying device or cyclones on the top lid.

Bag feeding. From bottom.

Feed hopper. At lower side of mixer with feeding screw to the mixer at bottom for filling from Big-Bags, Octabins, or similar.

Lift and tilt. A device for lifting and tilting bins into opening in lid.

Big-Bag emptying station. With lower feeding screw to mixer.

Conveying screws. For transporting the material to be mixed into pipe in lid.


Optional accessories – Emptying.

Butterfly valve/slide valve. Pneumatic butterfly valves and slide valves.

Sloped conveying. For filling Octabins.

Dosing screws. For volumetric or gravimetric dosing.

Big-Bag filling stations. Big-Bag filling stations.

Direct conveyance. Devices for direct conveyance to subsequent processing machines are also constructed and supplied.