Film Flake Silo

Film Flake Silo


Due to their relatively low bulk density, flow properties, consistency, or static electricity, light-weight materials such as film flakes tend easily to bridge when being stored and discharged. The purpose of the Film Flake Silo is precisely to avoid this unwanted effect.

Low bulk density. Specially for the processing of film flakes with low bulk density.

Bulk density. Bulk densities of 20 to 300 g/m³ (0,02 to 0,3 kg/dm³).

Mixing screw. Three vertically-mounted mixing screws.

Homogenization. Constant movement of the material promotes homogenization of film flakes of variable thickness and size.

Material size. Film flakes are up to 30 mm in length.

Feeding. Tangential feeding via pressure transport.

No dead zones. Specially shaped silo to avoid dead spots.

Discharge. Consistent and adjustable discharge via a separate discharge screw.

Manhole. Manhole with limit switches for better maintenance of the Silo.

Volume. Volumes from 3 m³ to 40 m³.

Materials. Standard- or stainless steel.

Railing/vertical ladder. Optional, with guard rails on top and vertical ladder, including back protection.

Options. Other options and sizes available on request.