Block-Type Silo

Block-Type Silo


Storage and dosed discharge of ground- and sensitive materials ( e.g.: film flakes, fibers, foams, ... )

Low bulk density. Specially for processing of materials with low bulk density.

Sensitive bulk. Specially suitable for sensitive bulk.

Bulk density. Bulk densities of 50 to 200 g/m³ (0,05 to 0,2 kg/dm³).

Feeding. Tangential feeding via pressure transport.

Loosening. The bottom of the substructure contains a twin discharge screw and stepped loosening elements that prevent the material from bridging.

Discharge. The material sinks smoothly. A trough screw extending over the complete length of the silo ensures a uniform and adjustable discharge.

Manhole. Manhole with limit switches for better maintenance of the silo.

Volume. By default, block-type silos with a volume up to 60 m³ are available.

Materials. Standard- or stainless steel.

Railing/vertical ladder. Optional, with guard rails on top and vertical ladder, including back protection.

Options. Other options and sizes available on request.