Drying and Crystallization of PET pellets

The challenge.

Processing of PET pellets.

The goal.

Reaching of crystallization level of 30 ppm. Inline crystallization and drying of amorphous pellets for fast line start-up. Prevent material clumping and adhesion.

Our process.

Special infrared drum dryer design (continuous or batch process) for uniformly heating of material to 175 °C (10-15 minutes). Subsequently, the material is transferred to a conventional hot air dryer for further moisture reduction to below 30 ppm (about 90 minutes).

Your benefits.

  • Variable temperature, mixing energy and volume
  • Significantly reduced dwell time in dryer
  • Inline crystallization
  • Processing of amorphous PET strand pellets possible
  • small production lots can be processed economically
  • Throughput rates from 100 kg/h to 1000 kg/h