Crystallization of Masterbatch – small batches up to 200 kg/h

The challenge.

Crystallizing of masterbatch. Complex crystallizing characteristics with high sticking and agglutinate tendency. Partial electrostatic charge of the material. Easy cleaning is a must. Quick product changes necessary due to small batches.

The goal.

Crystallizing of amorphous granulates after the extrusion process without gluing in the conventional dryer. Easy cleaning. Deleting of long start-up-procedures with crystalline material.

Our process.

Discontinuous Batch machine for small batches up to 200 kg/h. Dead space free drum with integrated mixing elements. Adaptable high rotating of the drum to prevent sticking and agglutinating of the material. Direct start with cold, amorphous material. Process time of 12 to 25 minutes per batch.

Your benefits.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Quick product changes
  • Automatic batch-process
  • Recipe management of more than 100 recipes possible
  • Energy saving and raise of the throughput due to preheating of the material
  • Lower shearing effect due to preheating of the material
  • Visualized process
  • Lower energy consumption due to infrared technology