Coating of hotmelts

The challenge.

Heating of the hotmelt pellets to 40-55 °C in order to coat them with powders or liquids. Continuous and reproducible dosing of the coating agent. Constant agitation of the granules in order to achieve a homogenous coating of the pellets with coating media and avoid clumping.

The goal.

Even distribution of powder on the pellet surface. No loose of coating media in the hotmelt. No deterioration of adhesive properties.

Our process.

Infrared rotary drum dryer with precise temperature measurement of the product. Coating media is fed continuously through loss in weight feeder. Tape measuring scale for exact set point calculation of the coating media.

Your benefits.

  • Complete melting of the coating agent on the pellets
  • Reproducible coating results
  • No loose coating media in the granules
  • Increasing of product quality
  • No conveying problems
  • No blocking of adhesive injector
  • Clear visualization of the entire process
  • Continuous process with throughput range of about 300 to 5.000 Kg/h