IR-CLEAN® Super-Clean recycling process. With the IR-CLEAN® system, KREYENBORG offers an attractive and cost-effective alternative for the direct reprocessing of PET post-consumer flakes for food contact packaging. FDA & EFSA verifications…



With the IR-CLEAN® system, KREYENBORG offers an attractive and cost-effective alternative for the direct reprocessing of PET post-consumer flakes for food packaging – without using any vacuum technology and as a retrofit solution for existing extrusion lines. The efficiency of the cleaning process has been verified by a Letter of Non-Objection from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Similarly, several challenge tests have demonstrated compliance with the criteria established by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for the use of recycled materials for direct food contact packaging.

High-Performance Decontamination

Efficient decontamination of recycled PET for re-use in direct food contact packaging.

FDA & EFSA Approvals

FDA Letter of Non-Objection granted, EFSA thresholds attained for up to 100% recycled material.

Continuous Process

Continuous processing from the product-feed tot he extruder inlet.

Drying up to 50 ppm

Crystallization and drying in a single process.

First-in / First-out

Rotary drum with internal helix guarantees a defined flow of materials.

No Vacuum

No maintenance-intensive and expensive vacuum system is required.

Easy Retrofitting

A problem-free upgrade of a non-EFSA or-FDA-approved extrusion line is possible.

Easy Start-Stop Process

No long pre-heating processes are necessary. System can be started directly with cold material.

Easy and Cost-Effective Maintenance

Maintenance is uncomplicated and not time-consuming.

High Energy Efficiency

High efficiency through direct heat input.

Small Footprint

Horizontal system layout does not require high plant ceilings.



The PET recycling material is conveyed to the metering hopper of the IR-CLEAN® system and introduced into the rotary drum via a volumetric metering system. The internal helix welded into the rotary drum ensures a homogeneous mass flow with a defined residence time (the first-in / first-out principle). Due to the rotation of the rotary drum and mixing elements integrated in the coils, the material is continuously mixed with simultaneous, constant surface exchange.Constant surface exchange in the rotary drum

The infrared module installed above the material bed heats the material quickly and directly to a high temperature level.

The moisture-laden air is discharged from the IR-CLEAN® through a constant air stream. After minutes, rather than hours, the material exits the IR-CLEAN® and is available for the next process step.


The combination of the IR-CLEAN® system with a finisher in the form of a desiccant dryer enables a further reduction of contamination, and has the added benefit of reduction to < 50 ppm of residual moisture.

The IR-CLEAN+ system also includes all necessary system components, including conveying equipments, filter units, de-misters and a comprehensive control package including on-going process documentation.