FoodSafety – IRD

FoodSafety – IRD


Continuous and validated sterilization, pasteurization, drying, roasting, coating and stock protection.

FoodSafety – KREYENBORG overall concept.

Food safety has assumed a prominent role in recent years. Whether you are a producer, processor or trader – no one can afford to bring unsafe food onto the market. Should mistakes occur in the material flow chain and thus exceed permissible limits, and pathogenic agents are found, it can cause product recalls. For suppliers, this has serious monetary consequences. Much worse, however, is the damage to reputation associated with a recall. The result is uncertainty about food safety. To counter this uncertainty, more and more producers have opted to use the continuous KREYENBORG FS-IRD.
The FS-IRD system developed by KREYENBORG is a process based on the use of infrared light. The light heats the core of the product instantaneously and leads to a reduction of the germ load. These impressive results have been verified in over 8,000 individual analyses, which were carried out by independent accredited laboratories.
Quality, in addition to food safety, is paramount in our business. In contrast to steam-based processes, treatment with the FS-IRD does not lead to any optical or sensory damage of the product. On the contrary – in many cases the quality of the product can be positively affected by release of aromas. This is an added value that can also quickly become a competitive advantage.
Food can be repeatedly attacked by insects. The KREYENBORG FS-IRD is capable of quickly killing insects, larvae and eggs without damaging proteins – using a continuous process.


FS-IRD. Design and function.

Main components.Essential components of the FS-IRD are the infrared module and the horizontal rotary drum, in which a spiral screw is shrink-wrapped.

Inlet.Material transfer is done continuously by a volumetric metering unit.

Treatment.The material is then conveyed through the spiral with variable turning speed evenly through the machine and treated with infrared light. If necessary, water can be added to the food during treatment.

Outlet.At the end of the rotating drum the material falls into the output hopper and can be transferred directly to the next processing step.

Throughput.The FS-IRD is available for a wide range of throughputs. The machine will be individually designed, depending on the task, the bulk weight and the flow properties of the foods to be treated. The machines can be supplemented with many peripherals and can be easily integrated into complete systems.


FS-IRD. Your advantages.

Protection.Maximal protection of organoleptic properties.
For optimal product protection, a measured quantity of water spray can be applied in the FS-IRD.

Flexibility.The continuous FoodSafety-IRD can be used for sterilization, pasteurization, roasting, coating, drying and killing insects and larvae in many food ingredients as spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, teas, vegetables, and fruits. Should you require changes in your production process or need to process new or different products or encounter new requirements for your product, the FS-IRD provides a high degree of flexibility. A physical reorientation of the FS-IRD is generally possible with minimal effort.

integrierten Steuerung

Reproducibility.We all know the problem – we grope around for the solution by running various tests and achieve a result. But how do we ensure the reproducibility of the results?
Recipes and process parameters are stored by using our integrated controlling system. This helps you in changing products or changing product properties and guarantees reproducible results.

Instantly.An immediate start of the production run is possible immediately upon startup. A warm-up phase of the machine is not required.

Continuously.In contrast to many other procedures, the FS-IRD works continuously. Product volume is available for continuous processing.

Always in motion.The rotation of the drum ensures constant movement of the material. The spiral coils and mixing elements designed for your product ensure an optimal mix of material and avoid clumping. Your product is evenly treated. Due to the low rotation speed of the drum there is no dispersion of the material.

Spraying:To protect product sensors, the particles can be cooled from outside by a measured spray of water.

Short dwell-time.The product remains for only a few minutes in the FS-IRD and is then available for further production steps.

Space requirement.The machine‘s compact design reduces your footprint significantly in comparison to conventional machines.

Integratable.The FS-IRD is integratable into almost any product line due to its compact design.

Dosing.With dosages adapted to your product, a consistent quantity of material is provided for the process.

Low energy consumption.A lower consumption of energy is achieved through the direct introduction of infrared energy to the product.
The treatment process in the FS-IRD takes only minutes and is especially gentle, due to the cataract movement in the rotary drum. The energy balance achieved is very positive because no pre-heating of the device is required. There is no loss of energy through intermediate heat-transfer mediums. The device thereby achieves excellent efficiency.

Easy cleaning.Good access to all components allows for easy and fast cleaning.

Low maintenance costs.Low wear-and-tear on parts ensures low maintenance- and spare-parts costs.

Automated.High level of automation reduces personnel costs.
Easy-to-operate machine.
User-friendly control panel.

IRD-module.Our own infrared module developed specifically for dusty environments with air-shield results in long life of the infrared lamps.
Built-in reflectors provide excellent energy efficiency in the infrared lamps.

Stainless steel.All parts coming in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, and thus meet the highest standards.
KREYENBORG does its own manufacturing, and adheres to the highest standards of quality.

Engineering & consulting.Comprehensive consulting and engineering services through ps: perfect solutions and KREYENBORG.

System solutions.KREYENBORG has been designing and manufacturing solutions for the bulk material industry for over 60 years. On request, and working together with you, we plan and build up- and downstream equipment.

Expansion of capacity.Easy capacity expansion is possible, thanks to the small footprint and easy integration of the FS-IRD.

High efficiency.The energy is immediately brought into the core of the product.
An energy-laden hot flow of air, such as in convective thermal processes, is not required.

No cross-contamination. The continuous process prevents any mixing of already sterilized- with un-sterilized products.


FS-IRD. Your possibilities.

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