FoodSafety – Cooling Screw

FoodSafety – Cooling Screw

With the FoodSafety - Cooling Screw, KREYENBORG offers ideal cooling solutions for less-sensitive foodstuffs that have been previously sterilized, disinfected, roasted and conveyed, to prevent re-germination after thermal treatment.

Specifically for less delicate foodstuffs

For less sensitive bulk-food products, such as powders and finely-cut herbs, we recommend the FoodSafety – Cooling Screw.

The product is continuously mixed and conveyed in a cooled trough by means of the screw.

Trough and screw are manufactured with a double casing, which is flushed with temperature-adjustable cooling water.

The cooling of the material to be conveyed is achieved by means of contact with the cooled steel surface of the trough and the screw.

The heated air is vacuumed out during the process.