FoodSafety – Cooling Drum

FoodSafety – Cooling Drum

With the FoodSafety - Cooling Drum, KREYENBORG offers ideal cooling solutions for sensitive foodstuffs that have been previously sterilized, disinfected, roasted and conveyed, to prevent re-germination after thermal treatment.

Specifically for damageable foodstuffs

For post-treatment of sensitive foodstuffs such as nuts, grains and mixtures, KREYENBORG offers their specially developed FoodSafety Cooling Drum.

The product is conveyed gently by means of a horizontal rotary tube comparable to the FS-IRD. The spirals and mixing elements, selected for the particular product, ensure optimal mixing.

The slow and controlled rotary movement reduces stress on the product to a minimum.

During continuous operation, the material is cooled through a precision air inlet. When necessary, cooling can be optimized with controllable cooled air.

The cooling section can optionally be used as a coating line for your product. For example, salt, flavorings, coloring agents etc. can thereby be introduced into the production process.