FoodSafety – Cooling Drum

FoodSafety – Cooling Drum

With the FoodSafety - Cooling Drum, KREYENBORG offers ideal cooling solution to prevent the recurring formation of germs in foodstuff after the thermal treatment in the FS-IRD.

Specifically for damageable foodstuffs

Every natural product requires a cooling step after thermal treatment and before packaging or warehousing.

The FS-Rotary Cooler has been designed for food applications that have very high food safety and hygiene requirements.

  • Suitable for sensitive products such as nuts, grains, seeds, mixtures, etc.
  • The product is mixed and conveyed with a slow, gentle, rotary movement, so the mechanical stress on the product is rendered insignificant.
  • A cooling inflow air, precisely directed at the product, can be adjusted in both temperature and intensity, while heated air is exhausted.
  • Optionally, this cooling process can also be used to enable the introduction of salt, flavors, dyes, etc., for coating.