Big-Bag emptying stations

Big-Bag emptying stations


Big-Bag emptying station of the BBE series are best suited for emptying of standard big-bags or Octabins with a volume of up to 2 tons.

Stable. Sturdy steel frames and 4 adjustable lifting hooks.

Suspending. Emptying. Via lifting gear, Big-Bags can be suspended by a crane or forklift into the station by means of lifting harness. Big-Bags can also be emptied.

Buffer. The large discharge funnel with a volume of 400 dm³ provides sufficient buffer for a big bag change without interrupting production.

Cleaning. The stainless steel hopper has a lid for easy cleaning and a Big-Bag opening.

Integration. A side-mounted vacuum feeder interface allows for easy integration into existing conveyor systems.

Options. Big-Bag emptying station can be equipped with integrated crane runway with lifting harness.
Electric chain hoist.
Bag hopper.
Vibrating motor for discharging non-free-flowing products.
Rotary paddle switch serves as empty signal with visual component.
Discharge screw for further conveying of the product.

Octabin-Emptying. Discharge device for Octabins with additional suction ports.