Imagine, you have a mixture containing sugar or salt which has to be re-dried. Or you have a mix of fruit (e.g. sun-dried berries) which has too much residual moisture. Or, imagine you have a smaller batch of goods for which it is not worthwhile to turn on a drying facility. For those and other problems the KREYENBORG Infrared Drum IRD is made.

With a minimum of process time, high flexibility, and lower energy consumption compared to conventional dry-air systems, our infrared technology offers a real alternative.


Within the continuously running KREYENBORG Infrared-Drum IRD short-wave infrared radiation is applied directly to the raw materials. This radiation heats the material directly from inside. A heat flow is generated that carries the evaporating moisture out of the product particles. The material to be processed is running continuously through the machine. By the rotation of the drum the material is circulated gently and a constant radiation treatment
is achieved. That radiation also prevents the product particles from agglomerating. A low speed rotation prevents breakage, abrasion and aeration of the raw material.

The KREYENBORG Infra- red-Drum IRD can be integrated- ideal and easily into any process of raw material processing. A fully automatic control concept provides a clear access to many relevant process values and functions as the dwelling time, the radiator output, throughput or a regulated emptying of the machine.

Fields of application

The fields of application for the KREYENBORG Infrared-Drum IRD are virtually unlimited. The infrared concept does not need a supply of dry air and is therefore particularly suited to applications with high initial moisture. In addition to drying, gentle heating processes are also ideal applications.

Plant construction

The KREYENBORG Infrared-Drum IRD is being offered as individual component or as part of an overall solution as well. KREYENBORG and ps: perfect solutions offer project planning, construction and ongoing support.


How is Infrared working?

  • the heat is applied directly to the material by short- wave infrared radiation

  • the heating of the product particles works from the inside out

  • the evaporating moisture is carried out of the product particles

Advantages of Infrared Technology

  • low energy consumption

  • minimum residence time

  • immediate production after start of system

  • high level of efficiency

  • gentle material handling