High activity dominates the final inspection at KREYNBORG in August 2015. 7 almost identical IR Batch Machines stand ready for delivery to customers in North America and Asia.

The machines will be used for crystallisation of relatively small amounts of amorph PET granulate in PET fiber production, in both cases. These are, however not the only similarities – both customers have existing IRD Systems in place, so that repeat contracts for these newly delivered maschines were awarded to KREYENBORG, within a short timeframe.

Fibre-Grade PET as a technical challenge

Fibre-Grade PET Granulate often shows a tendency to clump, during the Crystalization phase, which can lead to substantial problems in traditional mixing tanks. The Kreyenborg IR Batch System demonstrates clear advantages here – the high turn speed of the drum and flexible temperature control throughout the process, enable even the most difficult to crystalise substances, like Polyester, to be processed. The direct heat input from infrared radiation of the product reduces the process time to only 15 – 20 minutes. These unique technical advantages were however not the only deciding factors for our customers. The sheer flexibility of the system which enables it to process very small batches of throughput when necessary. The minimum hourly output lies at only 50 – 180 kg/h. Both users have placed the IR Batch System in front of a conventional Dryer, which dries the residual moisture to a final moisture content of 50 ppm. The drying times in the end dryer are also able to be reduced because the IR Batch System delivers preheated, predried to 300 ppm material to the final dryer.

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