Your applications – drying, crystallization, heat treatment of bulk materials

The challenge.

Drying, crystallization or heat treatment of various plastic bulk materials. Drying of blends of granulate, flakes and ground stock. Drying and crystallization of polymers with a high tendency to sticking and agglomerates forming. High and fluctuating initial moisture. Coating of granulates while treated with heat.

The goal.

Drying, crystallization or heat treatment within a few minutes. Permanent mixing of the bulk material for homogeneous input of heat. Uniform drying results despite the high initial moisture. Faster, more flexible and energy efficient process.

Our process.

The continuous infrared rotating drum IRD operates by direct heat through short-wave infrared radiation. Individual temperature profiles adjusted by a plurality of temperature control zones. Fast response to changing conditions such as fluctuating initial moistures. Continuous movement and mixing of the material during the drying process through the rotating drum. Defined residence times and guaranteed first-in/first-out by inside welded helix in the rotating drum. Alternatively infrared batch systems for small batches up to max. 200 kg/h, longer residence times and increased mixing effect by higher rotational speeds of the rotating drum. More flexible through a wide range of variable process parameters.

Your advantages.

  • Drying, crystallization or heat treatment within a few minutes.
  • Energy efficient, direct input of heat.
  • No separation of blends of recycled and virgin materials.
  • Flexible due to minimum residence times.
  • Also for high initial moisture <1%
  • Direct start of the process within max. 30 min.
  • Throughput ranges from 100 kg/h up to 2.500 kg/h economically possible.
  • Return of investment < 15 months.