Drying and Crystallization of PLA regrind

The challenge.

Processing of light PLA resin or flakes. Material is very temperature sensitive.

The goal.

Crystallization and drying of PLA regrind. Prevent clumping and sticking of the material through effective movement. Drying to moisture content of 250 ppm.

Our process.

Continuous IRD for crystallization and uniform moisture reduction to 250 ppm with constant movement in the rotating drum with several regulated temperature zones.

Your benefits.

  • Crystallization and drying in one process step
  • Reduction of dwell time to approximately 20-25 minutes
  • About 40 % energy savings compared to conventional processes
  • Excellent rotating properties of the material during crystallization by adapted drum design and modular machine concept
  • Capacities from 100 kg/h to 2.5 t/h economically feasible