Drying and Crystallization of PET to 150 ppm

The challenge.

Processing of PET material with initial moistures of up to 13,000 ppm (PET bottle flakes) or 6,000 ppm (PET sheet flakes) for processing on single-screw extruders or twin-screw extruders with vacuum degassing.

The goal.

Achieve moisture content of 150 ppm.
Prevent sticking and clumping of the material in the extruder intake and limiting the hydrolytic degradation of the IV value.

Our process.

Recycled material (virgin or blend) is recrystallized in a continuous IRD in under 15 minutes, then uniformly heated to 175 °C and dried to about 300 ppm. Subsequently, the material is transferred to an insulated and vented buffer container with filling level control for further moisture reduction to 150 ppm (about 90 minutes).

Your benefits.

  • Crystallization and drying in one process step
  • Approximately 60 % dwell time reduction
  • About 40 % energy saving
  • No separation of blends of recycled material and virgin material
  • Capacities from 100 kg/h to 2.5 t/h economically feasible
  • Return on Investment: < 12 months