Drying and Crystallization of amorphous Co-Polyester

The challenge.

Drying and crystallization of amorphous Co-PBT and Co-PET strand pellets to a moisture level of 500 ppm. Exact adherence to process temperature of 80 °C to 135 °C. Cooling of granules to 40 °C and transfer to bagging station.

The goal.

Reaching of crystallization level of 20 -30 % of all strand pellets without sticking. Re-cooling of the granulate to avoid re-moisturing.

Our process.

Infrared drum dryer with sophisticated temperature measurement of the product and flexible 5 zone heating control. Special mixing elements in the rotary drum helix and special helix geometry. Dry air cooling hopper. Conveying technology as link between the individual process steps. Parent PLC to control and visualize all components.

Your benefits.

  • Crystallized and dried material within 15 minutes
  • No clumping of strand pellets
  • Direct start of production line with amorphous material
  • Comprehensive visualization of all process parameters
  • Very low energy requirements due to infrared technology