Crystallization and drying of PEEK (high temperature polymers)

The challenge.

Crystallization and drying of high temperature polymers. High process temperatures required.

The goal.

Crystallization of PEEK with a temperature of more than 200 °C. Drying of LCP granulates with a temperature of 210 °C. Short drying and process time with a high temperature. Continuous movement of the material, to avoid gluing of the material and to achieve homogenous temperature inside of the material.

Our process.

Infrared-Batch machine for small batches up to 120 kg/h. Continuous machine for throughputs of up to 1000 kg/h.

Your benefits.

  • Crystallization of PEEK granules within minutes
  • Drying at high temperatures within a very short time
  • Individually adjustable temperature profiles and speed rotation of the rotary tube for optimum process conditions
  • Clear visualization of the entire process
  • Very low energy use through infrared technology