Conveying of PET regrind with vacuum conveying

The challenge.

Conveying of PET film regrind with bad flow characteristics and tendency for bridge building with bulk density < 0.3 kg/dm3.

The goal.

Fully automatic, pneumatic conveying and continuous feeding of the regrind into the conveyor system without the formation of pockets at the intake point. Safe material supply to the subsequent process step. Avoid material blockages in the conveyor line. Dust reduction.

Our process.

Material exhaustion containers with special agitator for the continuous supply of the regrind into the conveyor system. Hopper loaders with special container geometry to avoid material supports / material bridges. Conveying cycle by Maxsonde and timing. Hopper loaders with forced outlet to pass the light material to the subsequent process system. Conveying system with central filter and dust collector with visual full signal. Adapted conveyor cable cross-sections with riser drainage and adjustable vacuum power.

Your benefits.

  • Avoiding of mechanical stress on the equipment due to fluctuating material loadings
  • Fully adjustable conveyor system
  • No container bulging due to hammer blows (bridge breaker)
  • Ensures continuous supply of material, no unsolicited production stops
  • Turn-key solution