Compounding: Drying, heating and removing of volatile matter from PE Granulate

The challenge.

Pre-heating and drying of the PE granules, removing volatile components after compounding.

The goal.

Setting a homogeneous moisture content before compounding. Heating of granules before the extrusion process, removing volatiles components after compounding.

Our process.

Continuous IRD for preheating and drying of granulates in front of the extruder. Individually adjustable to the product temperature profile for a flexible heating of the product. Excellent mixing of the product during the drying process. Hetaing up the PE granulates within minutes.
Continuous IRD after pelletizing/compounding to remove volatile components from the surface of granulates.

Your benefits.

  • Preheating and drying of the PE granules within minutes
  • Direct heat input – effective heating of the product
  • By pre-heating lower shear and lower energy consumption at the extruder
  • Plant „start and stop“ within minutes
  • Good mixing of the dry material and permanent exchange of the surface characterized effective removal of volatile components
  • Clear visualization of the entire process
  • Very low energy use through infrared technology